About foundation

Charitable Foundation “Children with hemophilia was established in August  2015 by parents whose children have rare blood disorders. We ready to share our experience with parents who have the same problem.  We sure that common efforts help us to attract more attention to the problems of children’s and families with hemophilia and improve informational and medical support.

The goals of foundation are increase level of medical services for children with hemophilia  and provide 100%  children’s needs in medicines.

Charitable Foundation “Children with hemophilia” are planning and doing activities  for:

  • Implementation of international standards of emergency, pediatric and rehabilitation assistance;
  • Providing financial assistance to medical, rehabilitation and social institutions in Ukraine;
  • Providing tangible and intangible support to families dealing with patients with rare blood disorders;
  • Education, information and advisory activities, cultural and educational programs;
  • Legislative initiatives.

Sincerely tours,

Nina Astaforova-Yatsenko, head of Board of Charitable Foundation “Children with hemophilia”

Contact us:

Dubrovitska Street, 28, Kiev, Ukraine

+38 067 2462457
+38 067 2740290
+38 050 6989412



Registration documents:

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  1. http://hemokids.org.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Statistika.pdf>
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