Appeal to the UNDP Office in Ukraine

Dear friends! It has appeared that in 2017 during International procurements, which were conducted by UNDP management in Ukraine. Lot number 13, clotting factor VIII «BioClot A» with content of Willebrand factor by “Biofarma LLC” was approved for adult patients.

I suppose many of you remember the debates and mass protests, which were held by the patients, in order to draw the attention to quality, efficiency, and safety of this medicine. You can refresh your memories by clicking the link below and read comments from real patients who are consumers of the medicine:

and here

and here

As a result of these debates, it was decided to write the open letter from Charitable Foundation “Children with hemophilia” to the “Biofarma LLC” company in order to carry out an independent audit. The management of “Biofarma LLC” disregarded the letter.

In 2016 patients from different regions of Ukraine took samples of «BioClot A» and send them to an international laboratory. We can’t provide the results of this test, due to the fact they are not official, however, the previous data has confirmed a dramatic fall of activity in the flacon contrary to the information on this flacon. This is completely consistent with the complaints of many patients about the lack of efficacy of «BioClot A». People who have severe bleeding problems don’t get the appropriate effect at all!

So that this issue could be tackled, it was decided to conduct the roundtable among patients, doctors, and representatives of “Biofarma LLC”. As a result, 27 official messages about side effects and the absence of curative effect of «BioClot A» were given to the pharmacovigilance service:

It was agreed to create 4 groups: Ministry of Health, the patients, “Biofarma LLC”, an international hemophilia organization’s representative) in order to conduct an official analysis of this medicine and find ways of cooperation so that it would be possible to improve the quality of «BioClot A» together. Unfortunately, these decisions weren’t completed.

The news about the possibility of purchasing «BioClot A» will cause a new wave of outrage and protests by patients. That’s the reason why Charitable Foundation “Children with hemophilia” and Dnipro VTG center prepared letters about conducting an independent expertise to UNDP office in Ukraine:




We emphasized our position more than once: we ARE NOT against Ukrainian manufacturer!

We are for effective qualitative and safe medicine!!